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How to install LED strip lights inside internal lamp – Hyundai H1 4×4

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In this video, I change the standard red lights of “MOOD” mode for new LED lights, to improve brightness while using the camper offroading and enjoying outdoors.

I did not mind leaving the original white fluorescent bulb, it has a very weak light being honest it would only swith on while opening the doors and that does not bother me. When I need a strong light it would be easy to just press the “MOOD” switch.

Fluorescen bulb connector - interior lamp of hyundai h1 4x4

That said, you may easily install two other LED lights, ready-made or self-made, in the same way, instead of the fluorescent light bulb.

Cut the four wires as close as possible to the white ceramic connector. You will have two blue (negative) and two white (positive) wires.

Knowing that, it will be straightforward to add one or two more LED lights. The technique would be exactly the same as shown in the video.

Searching online, I realized that there are different schools of thought about the “ideal” lights for this interior lamp..

 A good idea would be to replace the fluorescent light bulb with a red or orange LED light, so that when camping at night if you open a door you will not lose night vision. I would have done so, but since we are in quarantine for the covid-19 getting that type of LED was impossible 🙁

Hope you found this guide useful, if you want you may the campervan conversion project of the Hyundai H1 4×4, and if you are interested in electricity take a look at the post “How to do the electrical installation of your camper van and save money “